Latest available Mystery

Lifting the Jewels

The local Museum’s rare jewel collection was stolen and the police suspect mob boss ”Razor Sharp” Campbell has it in his house. The police have set up a command center next to his house and wait until he leaves for his daily hour walk before they send in a group to recover the jewels. Half of the group will be in the command center and half in the mobster’s house working together to find the jewels. Hopefully, the command center can get the back door unlocked and let the group out that was in  “Razor Sharp’s” house before he comes back home through the front door. Or else you will find out why he is called “Razor Sharp”.....  

Available Mysteries

Love's Fallacy

A lonely and delusional man has fallen in love with a beautiful woman  who is already engaged to another man – your brother.  Upon learning of  the engagement, the man is filled with anger and ends up murdering  the woman and your brother.  It is your job to find the missing diamond  ring which is a family heirloom and figure out how he killed her and  your brother.  You have one hour to search his camper you found in the  woods before he gets back.  Or you may be next….. 

Temporarily unavailable - Commie Trickery

You and your friends are scientists that have discovered the cure for  all cancers.  You were about to announce it to the world, but the  Russians stole the paperwork with your discovery on it.  You have broken  into the Russian Spy RV to retrieve your paperwork, but after you got  into the RV, the door locked behind you and an alert was sent to the  Russians.  You have one hour to find your paperwork and the key to get  out of the RV before the Russians show up and  we never hear from you again…  

Wacked Science

A mad scientist has kidnapped you and your friends. He is preparing to test his new serum on you if you do not get out of the handcuffs and out of the camper. Only time will tell if your bodies will become the next test subject fertilizing his garden.  

Terrestrial Lockdown

You are woken up in the middle of the night by a loud noise and bright  light. You venture outside to find an alien spaceship in your backyard.  You decide to investigate it and climb up the ladder into the spaceship.  You accidentally close the door and now are stuck on the spaceship. You  have one hour to escape before takeoff or you will never be seen on Earth again......    

For A Short Time Only

"A Mitts A Frame Job!"

It is the morning after the office Christmas party and sometime during the party a picture was removed from the boss’s desk. It wasn’t just any picture, it was one that was signed by his favorite actor. You have an hour before he gets to work to find that picture and get it back on his desk before he arrives or you might be out a job....