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Zombie Room is Back!


You are enjoying a nice movie in the park with your friends. You hear a warning go off over the public broadcast system that there has been a security breach at the local government zombie containment facility. Your car is too far away to get to since the zombies are already starting to close in on you. You run to the closest vehicle which happens to be locked. You must unlock it to get inside from the zombies. Once you are inside, you realize it is a fortune teller's RV. You must find the key to the ignition to drive off before the zombies breakdown the door to the RV and you become their next meal...



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Wacked Science Coming At You!

We at 307 Mysteries try to create escape rooms designed to test your problem solving skills. Wacked Science is now available to be rented and used in anyones home or office. We will set everything up and pick it back up within 24 hours. Everything needed would be left for you. For more information please call 307-567-0063.

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307 Mysteries
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    So much fun!

    The escape rooms at 307 Mysteries are so much fun! I have done 2 of the rooms and would definitely recommend them to anyone. I plan to go back again and again.

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    Great family activity

    We did an escape room for a unique Sunday activity. It was a blast, challenging, and a great family get together! Already planning our next escape room.

Why Us

The escape rooms at 307 Mysteries are designed and run by me - Lezlie Kinsinger. I grew up in Gillette and returned after going to college. I wanted to create something fun and entertaining for adults, kids, families, and businesses that is affordable.

Escape rooms are a fun way to spend some time away from your cellphone and make you think outside the box. They promote team building and communication between individuals. If you need a special escape room for an event, I can create one for you.